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Design is more than a Pretty Picture
My philosophy to design and creative problem-solving centers around one key factor: People. Design is more than creating pleasing aesthetics or branding, though it is a key element. Good design is dictated by what the audience needs from you. The colors, typography, composition, voice – it all comes down to how your specific audience will react. There is no "one-size-fits-all", especially when it comes to products or companies of different cultural backgrounds/audiences. 
As a queer, Salvadoran-Mexican, First-Generation designer, I've come to specialize in cultural competency within the design field. My differentiator in any company I work for – I understand how culture affects design. The market is saturated with Frida Kahlo-laden products in a desperate attempt to pander to Latine audiences. I was once part of a team looking to hire a new Communications Chief where a top candidate proposed Maya temples be added to our brochures to entice Hispanic students to enroll. 
Despite the Hispanic population inching closer to becoming the majority in the United States, very little effort is made to reflect the growing audience. That is where I specialize. I have a unique understanding of how and where to incorporate cultural messaging. A strategy that expands beyond the Hispanic market and into nearly any cultural niche. 

past work // La Monarca Bakery Visual Communications & Media Coordinator | March 2020–Present
Target | May 2023
Disney/Pixar | November 2022
MUZEO Museum & Cultural Center Guest Services Manager | April 2019–March 2020
Northern Arizona University Housing & Residence Life Graphic Designer  |  August 2015–May 2018 (3 yrs)
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Flagstaff Graphic Design Intern  |  2017–May 2018 (1 yr)
Graphic Design Teacher's Assistant  |  January 2017–May 2018 (1 1/2 yrs)
Study Abroad in Holland (followed by Spain, France & England)  |  Summer 2017
Molcajete Dominguero  |  2017–Ongoing
Globitos | 2018–OngoingCynthia Estela City Council  |  2016–2017
La Familia  |  2017
Agujas de Plata  |  2017
La Norteñita West  |  2017
Northern Arizona University Art Museum Graphic Design Intern  |  August–December 2016
Big Pine Comedy Festival Graphic Design Intern  |  July 2016–September 2017
SwingJacks Dance Club  |  2016
Ester's Day Care  |  2015–2016
Global Cabaret Student Organization  |  2015–2016

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